Linley trained with Dr Austin- Oolo, beginning in Australia 2010, Tallinn Estonia 2010, then assisted on courses in New Zealand and Australia until 2013. She then started teaching Trigenics courses in New Zealand in 2014 under the Trigenics ® Institute.

Linley specifically started the MCD non-surgical Frozen Shoulder Procedure training in 2017 in Toronto, Canada which meant making several trips to the Frozen Shoulder Clinic and being personally trained by Dr Austin- Oolo. In April 2018 Linley was signed off as a registered MCD Frozen Shoulder Practitioner .

Linley believes it is such a privilege to be able to care for people with Adhesive capsulitis and seeing the life changing results following the procedure it has made. Not only for the person who has adhesive capsulitis but also their families.

While the MCD Frozen Shoulder Practitioner is the one carrying out the non-surgical procedure, Linley is aware it is a team approach and is grateful to have an experienced team around her.

New horizons are opening up as she has been asked to fill a position at the Frozen Shoulder clinic in Toronto, Canada performing MCD non-surgical procedures alternating with Dr Oolo.

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