Our Method Ensures a Fast Return to Functional Ability for Frozen Shoulder Sufferers. The Oolo-Austin Trigenics® Procedure (MCD Procedure) is a revolutionary non-surgical operation developed by world-renowned frozen shoulder expert Dr. Austin Oolo at the Trigenics® Frozen Shoulder Clinics. It has had 98% clinical success in restoring range of motion and functionality to frozen shoulders. Our method involves isolating the adhesive tissue inside and outside the shoulder capsule and separating it using extremely specific patient movements in conjunction with very specific mobilization procedures. 

Unlike orthoscopic surgery, the MCD Procedure is completely non-invasive and does not involve cutting into the shoulder. It is not done in an operating room with general anesthetic like
invasive surgery or manipulation under anesthesia. The MCD Procedure is completed in about an hour with the actual separation of the joint adhesions taking mere seconds. It is literally over before you know it. You will walk in unable to move your shoulder and walk out almost fully functional. (Some rehab exercises and Trigenics® treatments are usually needed post-op to neurologically re-educate the unused shoulder muscles). After the frozen shoulder treatment procedure, these everyday activities will be fully returned to you within days or, at most, weeks.

It can be very frustrating visiting doctor after doctor, and therapist after therapist who can’t seem to pinpoint the exact cause of your lack of mobility and shoulder pain. Even if they do correctly diagnose frozen shoulder, they certainly cannot cure it for you. Once a proper diagnosis finally has been made, often the only proposed solution is surgery followed by a long and painful recovery and rehabilitation process. Surgery, whether it helps or not, still requires two months of heavy post-op physiotherapy sessions to heal the damage inflicted to the tissues from the surgery itself. No matter which way you look at it, cutting open your body should always be your last resort.

The frozen shoulder treatment procedure has been incredibly successful and is the first of its kind in the world. The MCD Procedure is performed with the patient being fully conscious and interactively participating to ensure than no damage occurs to the joint or surrounding tissues. Every person is unique, and this is one medical procedure that truly takes this fact into account.

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